My mother...


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i have finally decided that I am going to open up about this.

my mother would sexually abuse me as "punishment" from the ages of 7 to 19...i am 20 now

half the time the "crimes" were totally made up and the more severe they were the more things I would have to do to her, the worst being of course, unprotected sex. when i was very little she would purposely makes things painful since i didn't know any better.

i dont know why i never fought back, i think it's because she broke my spirit very early on...

i have never had a girlfriend because of this and i am totally afraid of women...

king tut

Welcome to Malesurvivor James.
I'm sorry for what happened to you, but i'm glad that you found us, and it is good to see you being so open about everything already.
Hi James,

Welcome aboard MS. Welcome home. Here you will receive compassion, understanding and love. We have bared our very souls to each other. Trying to find that lost boy.

Your story is simmilar to mine, as my "mother" was my first sexual agressor. I never had anything to do with girls/females untill my late 20's.

She surely had me all screwed up on my dealings toward females. What she didn't accomplish my primary sexual (male) agressor did.

Take our hand, we will help you along this road to recovery. We all have been there. You get to pick and choose what information that we might offer to you.

Take it easy.

Heal well my brother/friend James.

Pete (Irishmoose)



Welcome to MaleSurvivor. You have made a good decision by opening up about the abuse here. No one will judge or blame you for any of this, for the simple reason that none of it was your fault.

I see you're 20 and only a year out from the last time you were abused. Please don't blame yourself for that or think you should have been able to stop it or take care of yourself because now you were an adult. As you look around the site you will see many guys who were totally broken and devastated by abuse, to such an extent that the abuser was able to keep things going well into their adulthood. I was still being abused at your age, for example, though in different circumstances.

Take care, and welcome again to the site.

Much love,


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last year i had to have sex with her because i spilled some milk...

she would make me worship her feet too...if i passed her in the hall i would usually have to kiss them.