Zombies run, aka, exercise and be a hero

dark empathy

Okay I will admit this one will come off as a bit like an advert, but as it's something that's helped me I thought I'd mention.

Zombies run Website here, is basically an exercise program for your phone.
Stick the phone in your pocket, put on a set of earphones, and either run outside using Gps, on a treadmill or (as I do), a mini trampoline, or indeed just set a timer and do something like weight lifting or riding an exercise bike or rowing.

The major difference however, and the reason I personally enjoy the game, is that you're not just! running or clocking up distance for the hell of it.

The main game is divided into a large number of missions, which are essentially episodes in an on going audio drama with you (runner five), as the main character). So as you run, you'll get segments of the radio operators warning you about zombies, chatting, telling you about the world around you, and of course being missions you have objectives to complete which further the story.

Yes, the story takes place after a zombie apocalypse, however unlike most zombie stories, the tone is generally not down beat or grim, indeed far more adventure than horror, with a good bit of humour, and characters you come to know and like, and an ongoing story about your settlement (able township), gathering supplies, rebuilding, beating back the zombies, getting on with other settlements and so on.

While I won't say you never lose main characters in the story, I can say that unlike a lot of post apocalypse fiction, there aren't just random bystander deaths along the way, and if, for example, you have a mission to go and find someone who's sent a distress message, odds are you'll find them, bring them back to Able and they'll be okay, albeit with a few daring escapes along the way.

That indeed is another reason why I would recommend Zombies run particularly on this site, since in zombies run, "you" are very much the hero, indeed for me that focus on what "I'm!" doing, rather than just passively exercising makes matters a lot more compelling.
Each mission can be as long or short as you like, and can be tracked by distance ran, or time travelled, and the content doesn't change according to how far you run either.

In addition to simply going through the story, another thing I like is getting supplies and materials, which can be used to build the settlement in the game, used to build more houses, or defence towers etc, with other buildings and structures unlocked as you complete more missions and go further through the story.
Again, you don't have to get into that if you don't want to, though I admit seeing all the stuff I've literally built with my own sweat is sort of amusing :D.

It doesn't even just stop with the missions, since there are other runs you can do, from straight supply runs to listen to the settlement radio (which also has it's own story), , even some "new adventures", as they're called, which are alternatives to the Zombie apocalypse story line.

they're even trying to help out with lockdown by having an on running story about a super sized zombie hoard forcing everyone to stay inside, with extra workouts.

The free version will let you unlock and play one mission a week.
You can buy a specific season for I believe 7 usd, though myself I just got the yearly subscription which gives you access to everything, and which costs 35 usd.

Again, this isn't intended to come off like an advert, but I have noticed this has been helpful to me.
Previously to using zombies run, I found that I'd get board after a short amount of exercise, and the most I could manage was about 10 minutes weights and 12 minutes run.
I tried reading audiobooks or listening to music, but I just found that either I'd concentrate too much on the exercise and miss what was going on, or I'd concentrate too much on the book, and miss the exercise.

With zombies run, I'm doing a more intensive 15 minutes weights, plus solid 20-25 minutes (depending upon mission length), sprint on my mini trampoline, so it's obviously working, indeed the only problem I'm currently having is that if it gets too dam hot, exercise becomes severely difficult :D.

So, hope this is useful to some people, since I have noticed myself that exercise does actually help, and this is a fun way to do it.
I started this last fall, enjoyed it, then got away from it. I have been listening to books on tape while I run lately. I may need to get back to the zombies. Who else will save humanity if not me!

dark empathy

I started last October myself, but had to stop around Christmas, first because I got a bloody awful case of the flue (we now wonder if it was actually an early case of kovid 19), and then because my lady was doing radio therapy for two months and time and space made things impractical.

Maybe it's that audiobooks are my default reading method, I don't know, but for me, reading and exercise just never went together. it's odd, I often read audiobooks when I'm washing up or whatever, but for some reason I always found with exercising I'd either lose track of what I was doing and concentrate on the book, or need to go back and listen to bits again.
maybe it was trying to count weight reps or time running I don't know.

either way, possibly because Zombies run is all first person and themed around the exercise itself, possibly because the audio clips for the story are only occasional, I just find it works better for me; heck I'd not have the patience to do 25 minutes sprint on my mini trampoline otherwise.

Oh and yes, being the hero and actually getting things done does sort of help :D.

they've also had a rather fun line in new adventures recently. I particularly liked Venus rising, which really did! let you do the Hollywood cliche and run along the collapsing bridge away from the exploding fuel canisters, trying to get to the airlock and back to your spaceship avoiding the alien horrors :D.