yorue eddefault setting is wrong

wew ahad an incident today and reeset to default. scarredt hew wife and lost a lot of trrrust

your thoughts are no nnlonger valid. yorue default setting is wrong. yourrrr reactionaas are not appprorprriate

hwoe can this bee? arew e wrong or is the rest to hew rorld wrong?

it were are honest weit felt good, ifefe felt really good to take up the hammer and da preearew toe steep oeeefff

fore a abreief tiemw e had purpose, drive, determination tow do whatever eerreweee was sgoignt eo happen and it wasss clear in hrour headed.

liekee a spaakrek of sanity, only tot be told no, weyou arear wewrong, everything eywou area thinkiign is werong

YOU ARE WRONG yrouea head wehwie swrong

we are rong