Yet another abuser pleads

very cool justice is served at 75 years old and a minimum of 8 years he should die in prison :D


Glad to hear it. This is at least a bit of good for the victims of this priest.

Although honestly (and I'm not in a good place right now, sorry), I hear these stories and think, so what? Such misery and destruction and ruined lives. Stack that up against an old man spending eight years in prison. It's not enough.

I know the prosecutors and everyone worked hard to get what they could. And I know there is no such thing as justice. And I am grateful that at least finally people seem to be taking these things seriously. I don't want to do anything that seems ungrateful for what has been done. But I hope everyone realizes this isn't even close to making up for the damage this man caused, I just hope it deters someone else from doing this.

Some days it's hard to swallow the unfairness of it all.

Me Not Me

Dan99 you are correct on both counts. It is little bit good for the victims and good that the system (at least in a few places) is stepping up. It is also tragically sad how much destruction one pedophile can cause.

The Bluefoot

As much as its good that one is put away and he cant harm any more, we cant blame him for all the others that were not caught, who died and were not brought to justice. We hope this brings some comfort to some who suffer, those I sure it does not. Many Priest still do it, and if we think all this news and law suit have made it go away we are all fooling our self's. They are all going deep and hiding. We have to find a way to protect our kids better, with education and deal with mental health better in our comminutes or will will not win.