Hello friends,

Does anyone know of resources, groups, reputable therapists in Wisconsin? (MKE specifically, but I suppose in this time of social distancing and Zoom calls, location doesn't matter overly-much.)

I'm just really having a hard go of it and have been having a lot of trouble finding good resources close to home.

Thanks as always friends.

Much love,

TJ jeff

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Hello fellow Wisconsinite :)

Was going to answer this right away but wanted to do some digging first...

I'm currently unable to find any active groups in your area - I know that there are a bunch of Therapists in your area - right now with the whole Covid mess many of them are not taking new clients - I can PM you a list if you would like - is there a particular type/style of therapist you are looking for?


Oh hello fellow Wisconsinite! ^_^

Thank you so much for doing some digging. I've done some myself--are you using PsychologyToday's directory / search engine, by any chance?

A list via PM would be fantastic! I don't know that there's a particular therapeutic theoretical approach / style I'm looking for, really--just so long as they're trauma-informed. I've also been passing over female therapists, just because my primary abuser was my mother and I haven't had the best luck with them.

Thanks very kindly, friend!

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Just found this thread. WI resident here as well. Strange how I feel like I'm eves dropping on your conversation. I was hoping, if either of you have had any success, that you might share your findings. I've only revealed my CSA to my therapist and my wife (only G and PG revelations). As fearful as I am, my therapist thinks I might benefit from contact with others with similar experiences. I appreciate any info you might share.