Win the day


One of my first bosses, who i admired a lot, used to stop by my desk is i was working late and ask, "Did you win the day?" He meant, was the day a net win or a net loss; did i progress more than i was pushef back. If i said yes, his reply was "Then go home. Get out while you're ahead." If i said no, he'd say "Then go home. Save your strength for tomorrow."

I've used this little saying for more than 20 years. Generally its been very helpful, because if i work hard i win the day far more often than not. And it's a friendly, non-scientific way to give myself a little boost and not let a bad day carry over to the next day.

But for the last month or maybe more, i haven't been winning many days. Professionally, personally, and every way, it seems, I just get slapped every day with disappointment and little losses. I try very hard not to be a quitter but it seems harder to get up each day. I feel more than ever i need to change the trajectory of my life. Just stewing, but thanks for listening.


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Sounds like you ARE winning each day but not seeing the win for the battle scars the day left? You are here. You are posting.and your posts gave me a new outlook on this day- today I could see as a setback - 7 days post partial knee Replacement and PT stopped as blood thinner and activity is making incision ooze too much - but instead I see the lack of real pain, the fact I am here and the need I have to learn to just rest for the rehab ahead as a win...thanks for adjusting my attitude in a good way.


Dan99, I like your boss and his did YOU do?!

And you did goo in the world, you gave @manipulated a great perspective. Thank you.

I am sorry you are in a bad patch, but his advice is more important now then ever. Trust me, I can grind myself into a hole trying and trying and trying. But some times, you really do need to step back, not quit, but get some distance. Save your strength for tomorrow.