*Triggers Possible* Why do kids have to be bullied (suicide)

*Triggers Possible* Why do kids have to be bullied (suicide)


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I just read a new article about a 10yo boy who took his life last month due to bulling and it just have caused me to cry. I was not bullied by other kids but I also did every thing i could to stay pretty much invisible.

I read this article and here is this kid that apparently hide what he was suffering from his family. I see him and I think how no kid deserves that and how could the schools not do something. I know they may not have realized it or how bad it was just as his own family, after all I know i did a good job in hiding my emotions. I wanted to die, God knows I thought about it a lot and knows I prayed even begged him to end my life. All that time no one seemed to know what I was feeling. I had a break down two weeks ago where I went in to that dark thought again and did reach out to a friend and then later to my T at midnight by email when I was breaking down. They both checked on me the next morning and my T made time for a session for me. I am lucky I have that support and I am an adult but reading the story remind me how much I wanted to end it things. Better for the family if I did was part of my thinking.

Kids do so much to hide what they are feeling and sadly the schools do not have the counseling staff to manage things. Can’t spend money on mental health for kids.

I know this may be triggering to others and I it is not my intention. I am just upset and angry at it all. Most people have no idea what it is like for a person to be in the mental state let alone a kid.
In my experience, kids are just very cruel when they are younger. Many of them are victims themselves like they were bullied so they do it too. Others had other traumas at home. Etc. the bullying started for me when I was in elementary school. middle school was the worst. Highschool was the least bad but still it had its moments. College had 0. All because of how i talk/my voice. I feel for this kid. Rip… Bullying is out of hand. I am glad you have a great T SMC😃. I care about you. It is human to have these reactions.
it's a tragedy. i read an article on People about it. describes the bullying. the school wasn't helping. he pointed out his bully to his dad the day before he committed suicide(?) his bully was threatening him the night before he committed suicide via his sister's friends phone who was spending the night(?)

no one seemed to be able to help... he felt unprotected and was expecting things to get worse.. i read it was asphyxiation by strangulation, first responders recovered a pulse but he was gone within an hour.

i read elsewhere that no one will be criminally charged or held accountable. which baffles me because multiple people had been aware and involved, but in light of such tragedy is the massive attention and how that's propelling an awareness and advocacy for youths. not every kid makes a front page. things like this matter.