What's your relationship to Father's Day?


This could be related to your relationship with your own father(s) or your own role as a father or paternal figure in your community.


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Complex…for sure. My dad is a huge trump supporter, Irish catholic, hates the gays and the trans people…and I love him too. I always feel like I’m meant to be showing up for him and showing him just how much I love him, and I do try to show him that too. But I always feel like I leave the day feeling empty. Because he only loves a version of me he’s created in his own head. And each time he tells me how good I used to look in yoga pants, and how I need to grow out my hair, and how much I need to grow up and out of this phase, it feels like someone’s put a knife in my belly. Because I love him….even though he has so much he believes in that I dont, I love him despite all of that. And it’s not returned. His love feels conditional.


My dad and I were never close, to put it mildly. Also, he hated all holidays. He had no use for them. He died in 2006. I'm not a father myself, so Father's Day doesn't mean much to me on a personal level.

However, the role of fathers is now wrongly being looked at as meaningless because of modern society's view of men in general. We're seen as useless by many and a joke, as well as a negative part of the world. I can't wait for this trend to end.