What the Hell is This?

Hmmm. I have the same question! I truly believe there is more support out there for women than men, so why is this here? I am sure there is a logical explanation but I would like to hear it, please.
I think Taking Back Ourselves is affiliated with Weekends of Recovery so posting it was probably a professional courtesy.

That said, I completely agree with both of you. Male survivors have to put up with being overshadowed by women constantly and always, so I don't think MS is an appropriate place to post this either.
Regardless of the intention in posting this AT THE VERY LEAST it should be noted this is NOT an event for men. I've no need to disparage women survivors or the fact the world embraced their healing much more quickly than it has male survivors, but since this website is specifically targeted to men, I would hope what is offered with regard to treatment would also be targeted for men.


My therapist runs those and it's kind of her website or she's part of it. (TBO) They are a spinoff from here. There are links on that website for men who are looking for help I'm pretty sure. Anyway she was a facilitator at WOR for many years and if any men reach out to them I'm pretty sure they'd try and help.

So it's here because they were part of MS. I think they are affiliated still. I wouldn't keep my therapist away from any survivor for any reason because she'd try to help anyone regardless of gender. Many people here know her from WOR.

I see her in her capacity as a private therapist specialist in CSA survivors and I consider myself fortunate and I don't pretend to understand the relationship between the organizations.

I went to an evening in Boston though last year and there were people there from both groups (MS and TBO) and it was men and women.
You might want to mention to her MACH the fact the listing of this retreat on MS makes no mention it is for women only, yet their website does. That is what I found troubling. If they're part of the same community of therapists, nothing wrong with offering support but let's at least be clear what is on offer.


Did you point it out to the moderators? It's up to them. You said "I might want to mention it" but I don't think so. There are plenty of people you can tell however, since it upset you.
I left a message with the Moderator immediately after starting this thread. I'm awaiting a response.
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Irony of ironies... a woman friend is a survivor and I used the link provided here to assist her in her healing. Maybe this was here for me for that reason... :p