what happened to me

I'm 39 and am only now trying to deal with what happened to me when I was 13 or 14. I can't even be sure of that, as I have blotted it out for so long.

I was abused by my piano teacher, who was also the organist and choirmaster at the church where I was a choirboy. It started very slowly, with him spanking, then fondling my genitals then masturbating me and kissing me ...Oh God this is so disgusting.... There was also an older boy of about 18 or 19 who masturbated me and kissed me

I can't understand why I let them carry on for so long. The older bloke, who is now about 73, got me to swear to secrecy, first just that, and then on the Bible. "This is our special secret, never tell anyone"

I now know that the older man also did this to one of my brothers, and tried it on with another of my brothers, by touching his backside in the swimming pool. This brother knew it was wrong, and told out Mum and Dad, and that is how it all stopped

...this is all I can manage for now, but if there are any younger readers out there, I PLEAD with you.. try and tell someone and deal with it sooner rather than later.....I've waited nearly 27 years to do something.



I have to believe that we get to it when we get to it. i am glad you got to it, i hope your journey is not too rough, sincerely.

safe hugs to ya if thats ok,