What do you do for a living?


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Amazing topic and responses. I wanted to offer a free online resource, The Kiersey Temperament Sorter, to those seeking guidance about future career choices, or to confirm/deny your current aspirations. Its available online via the direct start page above or the Kiersey homepage. Its totally free to complete the sorter, which will provide your personality temperament. If you make a free account, you can access more information. I have used this site with hundreds of teens over the years and most find it compelling and provides information for further exploration. Where it lacks is in the area of values and skills ( though you can gain skills), its based on personality preferences. Interesting side note is that you can compare your temperament with other famous people of the same temperament. When I have completed the sorter, I have scored as the Rational temperament and from further reading identify as the Inventor (ENTP). For those of you with MBTI experience, it cross references with the Myers Briggs framework. Might be the perfect New Year's resolution to complete it.
Hello fellow ENTP!


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Oh cool @Suwanee so did you do the sorter or you knew this from previous or similar instruments? ENTPs comprise 1% of the population, I think that is really cool. It was profound to know that I had a unique perspective and also helped calm me down in knowing that it helped explain why I felt I always was the "lone ranger" in my way of seeing the world.
At 22, I was on my third career.

At 23, I had my first mental breakdown which leas me to be homeless, living in my car. When I somehow got my head straight, I started applying for jobs, any job, something to put a roof over my head and food in my stomach.

I applied for two positions at a civil engineering/surveying company, got interviewed for both positions and was offered my choice. Being winter, living in my car, I chose the indoors position. They were hoping I'd pick the other, so they hired me for the indoors position (draftsman) with me being backup for the outside one (survey crew). It wasn't very long before I started designing projects and in the summer I started inspecting construction projects. I ended up leaving to do layout for a construction company, when laid off I went to a soils lab and onto governments.

So, what do I do for a living? I'm a civil engineering assistant. I inspect public utilities old and new, identify problems with system and order maintenance crews repair or I bid out the repair/maintenance, I survey, I design projects, I do cartography, oversee maintenance projects and chase down sources of water pollution.

I found a career I love when looking for a job to get me off the streets.