What do I do about my job?

Hi all. My job has suddenly gotten a lot more challenging - I have a new, unfriendly supervisor who is telling me that I need to start doing a lot of things that I really don't want to do. I hated my job even before this happened, and now I loathe it.

My first reaction is to want to quit. In fact, I managed to get an interview this week with another place where I would be doing most of the stuff I want to do and none of the other stuff. But it would require taking a 25% pay cut, which is frankly impossible for my family right now. I have two kids and my wife doesn't work at all, so everything relies on my earning power.

I'm also going to school part time, and my current job grudgingly allows me the flexibility to do that.

I am fully aware that my initial response of quitting was a PTSD response. I know I can also look for other jobs, but I'm earning the max at my position and it would be very unlikely that I could find a job I can do that pays the same or even similar. The potential new job seems much more in line with my personal values - in my current job I have to make many shady ethical shortcuts, which I despise. But I also feel like I need to just suck it up and keep making the money until I get my degree in three years or so.

I am completely confused. Does anyone have any advice?


Sounds like a tough spot. But in the short run, you might want to stick with it while you keep looking for other opportunities. it doesn't sound like taking the new job for the paycut is feasible, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you won't find a better opportunity before you finish your degree.

Your unfriendly supervisor might be more friendly once you get to know each other better. The new tasks, while unpleasant, might only end up taking up only a small portion of your workday. However, the thing that seems unlikely to change is the conflict with personal values, so even if the other negatives get better, you may want to keep looking for a new job.
Ugh. This sounds like such a difficult position to be in. There are many dynamics to what you say. On my worst days at work, I remind myself that my job is to bring home a paycheck every two weeks. What happens in between is just a bunch of stuff that happened. It is cynical but gets me through my bad days.
Thanks to you both for your replies. I think I can't afford to do what I really want to do right now. But I'm still not sure. I'm going to schedule a meeting with a mentor of mine and see what she thinks.


You simply will keep loathing it because its not meant for you. Quitting can be freeing but, its always easier to put in a 2 weeks notice because you will be paid better elsewhere. At least, thats the idea!

You have to out weigh the pros & cons. What will you settle for vs what simply does not work for you. Can your partner get a part time job to make up for the pay cut? Ask questions in your interview with your new boss. Will you get a raise in a year or two? And if youre not speaking with the manager, ask what are they like? How do they recognize & compensate their employees?

You shouldn't have to do a job you loathe--you will lose your insanity. Thats no fun these days with a pandemic still happening... Good luck in your interview--keep us posted :)
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I'll just share one observation that has helped me find clarity many times.

We as humans have a tendency to over-estimate what we can do in a short time and under-estimate what we can accomplish over time. That makes short term thinking more potent than long term thinking. But when I've confronted a problem and found the long-term solution, it brings much better rewards.

The Bluefoot

hummm, what is this "shady ethical shortcuts" hope its not illegal. But that a side, Your mental health is worth a lot too. I look around and find something else. even if it is a 10% pay cut in the long run its worth it to your head. Finish school. and then you get a much better job. even one must cut back 10% then. Why does your wife not work? or take on a part time job. Maybe your kids are that small I understand. but if they are teens then everyone pitch in for a few years. Good Luck.