Wh among you still believes in God?


To know thyself is to have first person experience.

the key to all healthy relationships is Love.

they who has not known love, has not known god.

loving self and others as self is the golden rule.

the kingdom of heaven, of love, is a state of mind that comes from within us.

Luke 11:52 Woe to you experts in religious law! You have taken away the key to knowledge! You did not go in yourselves, and you hindered those who were going in.”
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This is a problematic issue. There are some real simple ways to put it. Is there an absolute right and wrong? Answer that and I won't have to ask you anymore questions I already know what you'll say. (well maybe a couple more) Do any of you guys have trouble getting help from a therapist because they are all sort of "left leaning lol."

Happily mine is a centrist though I accused her of being a Marxist for a couple years. She has a great story and actually did some time in a convent but, I digress. I guess I'm a centrist as well actually though I identify as Christian. It's a long story. Christian's by the way if you don't know this like nothing better than to fight amongst themselves about the "right way to be right." I almost never have anything to do with them lol.

I think you'll like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxsNpMpPT3Q


Greeting all my brothers, i read a lot of the post here ,i'm surprised to not find anything that speak about Islam ,being a Muslim i see a lot of similarity between what we believe ,we can't believe in God without religion since religion by definition mean believing in a higher power, i believe that Allah (God) sent only one religion but sent many messenger Adam , Noah, Moses Jesus and last but not least Mohammad peace be upon them all ,and many other Prophets with the same message though , "tawhid" believing in one only God the creature and therefore submitting your will to him which mean Islam in Arabic ,
Allah says mentions in the Qur'an Jesus no less than 25 times and Moses more than 120 time (not sure).and Allah mention in several verses that both the jew and Christians have added and changed the scripture Torah and the Bible just to name a verse in the Qur'an in surah al baqara ch.2 V 75 "Then woe to those who write the book with their own hands and then say “This is from Allah, to sell it for a little price! Therefore woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for what they earn thereby".i encourage my Brothers here to read Quran better to study all religions , because the religion it came in parts ,every one is the extension of the one before it till the last revelation which the answer to all the missing parts that's been added by humans beings with falsification and the truth like Jesus said "Seek the truth and the truth shall free you "
the best resource i can give to help anyone to understand more of this is this link to someone who had studied all religions and he's an expert on the field , there are hundreds of videos of conference and Q& answers sessions https://www.youtube.com/user/Drzakirchannel
sincerly Mark


Hi ceremony, it's true that gay sex is prohibited in in Judaism Christianity and Islam , but it is not the gay sex that is specifically oppressed but all intercourse outsides marriages , in the Qur'an and sahih hadith (the saying of the prohete MOhammad pbuh)this issue is addressed in more detailed as well as every other aspect or way on how to live your life ,it's true that Islam is about surrendering your self , but when i think about it the sharia could problems in the worlds that are getting out of control ,and no newer medications or smarter police force are helping in fact it's getting worst, anyways somethings that seems realy hard to accept and might seem illogical , but since it's coming from God our creature and that he him self promised that he's not unjust in the least degree and every soul will die and will be resurrected to him in the day of judgment ,if you doubt that God exist there this video you might want to watch .but it's too long https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RuQMD4yYWg
please feel free to asck me any thing about Islam i'll be happy to to talk to you about


Great posts, everyone!

If you are still praying for recovery from this, keep praying! I've been doing this for YEARS, just like the persistent widow standing before the judge, and this weekend was a MASSIVE breakthrough. My wife and I are in the process of putting nearly 25 years of SA-related issues behind us, and for once in all that time, we're finally on the same page.

This past weekend was NOT easy. She had put together a list of how my SA had affected pretty much all aspects of our relationship, plus preliminary goals and a plan for how we think we get to something that works. Had it not been for a LOT of prayer on my end, I honestly don't think I could have made it through the litany of problems my SA has caused. But my wife was not only gentle, she was mindful of her own shortcomings. Bottom line is we're on the mend from all this, and we're closer than we've ever been.

I'm not going into all the side issues my SA has caused because this post is already longer than I'd have liked, but every day truly is a new experience. It's like someone opened my head, shone a light on all the crap in there, and then explained how things should be as opposed to how they have always been. So if you're praying for divine help in your recovery, keep in mind that other pieces might still be moving into place, like a spouse who understands vs. one who wants to blame you. I know a lot of things can affect your particular timeline, but the important thing is... DON'T GIVE UP.

Tom E.

I must admit I do struggle with belief or at spiritual meaning of some sort and I still pray in spite of doubt.
Of all the many things my parents were wrong about, religion was where they were the wrong-est.

I grew up the devoutest of devout Catholics. We never missed a Sunday mass, and I mean never. Once on vacation we drove a hundred miles out of our way just to find the closest Catholic church. I had 12 years of Catholic education. My parents were huge movers and shakers in our extremly conservative church.

And by age 14 I knew it was complete BS. There is no God, and most especially no Christian God. The fights we had convinced them I was a horrible kid headed for Hell and destroyed any chance I had at ever having an adult relationship with them above a cordial level.

And then the cover-ups were revealed. The massive, ongoing cover-ups that continue to this day about the systematic sexual abuse. And now I have lived long enough to have my father apologize to me and tell me I had been completely right about all of it. He's a Unitarian now.

Society's biggest tragedy was convincing the world that God exists.
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I too grew up Catholic, altar boy and all, which defined my abuse. I still buried it and remained an altar boy. I fell out of the Church during college returned believing I had overcome the abuse. As for God, I believe there is a divine force. But I believe if there was a God of good it is difficult to accept. I look around the world, I see Catholics wear their religion on their sleeves while the talk about, destroy and humiliate people then walk into church daily--look how holy and pious I am. In reality the truly Good people are those who do good, love people, stand by people in time of need without expectation of recognition and derive fulfillment from their words and deeds.

I struggle with returning to the Church. I attend when my friend is here, she is devout, good and never expects recognition for all she does. I can attest to that for she has helped me move forward. What makes her good and not wearing their religion is her inner being. It is not just Catholics, it is born again, Protestants and all religions that are full of hypocrites.

I question if there was truly a good God why would he allow such acts to happen to me and other children and surround me with people who abused and accepted the badness of the abuser over the one who suffered? Then I look at the hypocrites and see people worship, idolize and deny the hypocrisy of these people. Maybe it is the freewill we are supposedly born with to decide on good and evil.

I struggle but faith can bring comfort, but it is a faith that begins with loving myself and then needing a guiding force--is it God, is it society--and for me many in society are the ones who brought destruction to my life from the abuser to the deniers. Why would God let them into my life I often ask, maybe God has no influence over people but rather it is their inner nature that defines how they treat a person, a survivor.

I am not sure where I am on this topic. When I attend Church with my friend, is the peace derived from being surrounded by kindness, love and compassion or is it the reconnection with a faith I long ago allowed myself to believe in. I do not have the answer. I do know today I look at people for who they are from the inside and not their faith, ethnic background for good and evil exist among all faiths, ethnicity and any other group name.
I have no doubt that religion helps some people find peace. At the very least some people find friendship and fellowship through their houses of worship.

Scientists have discovered a section of the brain that seems to control spiritual feelings, so in some way we are hardwired to believe in something greater than ourselves. It is sad that we, as humans, have taken something so beautiful and pure and twisted it into a method of controlling, harming, and destroying other people.

It's fascinating to me that we can take an idea of a deity from the Iron Age and use it as a justification for all sorts of horrible things today. While I know religion has improved the lives of some people, I can't consider that any kind of mitigation for the millennia of horror that has also come from it - horrors that still exist today, as the reports from Pennsylvania clearly show.
I believe in the God of my understanding, based on my study and walk with Him/Her/whomever. Many would tell you that you have to believe in the God of their understanding, based on their study and their walk. That's utter nonsense and rubbish. God is an individual God for the individual alone and no one else, each of us separately. He interacts with us based on who we are and what our experiences have been and all of us are different, therefore our understanding of who He/She/whomever is will be individual and different.


I go back and forth on this belief. There are times I find peace in prayer and the Church and other times I question the existence. I think the abuse by a priest impacts the thoughts of disbelief. This past Easter I felt fulfilled and happiness and joy abounded during the Easter Vigil Mass. I think I see or maybe I feel the faith when I am surrounded by kind and compassionate people who exemplify the teachings. Then when alone I think of those that robbed me of me and then people appear those thoughts wane. You may think this is absurd but I think if there is Heaven, how many souls from the beginning of time must be floating around what must be an infinite space.

To All and especially to Traillius (who I think began this thread.)

I do believe in God. For a long time I believed he had gotton us out of Egypt out of the house of bondage.
That was end of it. He had fulfilled the covenent. And it was our job to fulfill our part of the covenent.
"Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God. He obviosly did not protect me from my father or protect mymother or lifttle brother.

In 1984 the doctors called my mother to the hospital because he was brain dead. When his heart stopped they would not revive him.
I PRAYED OVER THE PHONE TO GOD, WITH my wife and kids. About 20 minutes later I experienced the presence of God pass through me. Then
my father opened nhis eyes and he lived for another 19 years. Since then I have gotten sober and I could not do it on my own.

So yes I am a believer.
This is a great topic!

I wholeheartedly believe. Even after clerical abuse. After all that I've lived through, if it weren't for my faith, I never would have seen my high school graduation, nor my driver's license for that matter. Who knows... I may even not have made it out of elementary school.

My God is not dead, and thanks to Him, nor am I.


Despite all that has been done to me, and all that I have done, I still believe in God. The God of the Bible. He was always there, I just didn't know it. Some may say they don't believe in God, well He still believes in you.
___ Yes, I believe in God.

___ No, I don’t believe in God.

☑ It’s complicated...

I do believe in God. Do I trust Him? No. Is He personal God wanting a relationship. I don’t think so. My wife and others say differently. I have failed to connect in any meaningful way or the way they do. My wife prays about everything; ie: finding parking, lost earbuds, etc. I don’t really ask for anything. Tired of being disappointed or just feeling like He doesn’t hear me. ‘If I regard sin in my heart He will not hear me.” My desires are so wacked from wanting to be with men and wanting to be female. It’s difficult to be without sin in my heart. I would be a constant prayer of 1 John 1:9. I refuse to live that way anymore. Constantly confessing what I am with not real change ever given. I Cor 6:9 says ‘such as some of you were’ I don’t believe that anymore. It’s just not true.

I might be more of a universalist or deist... He seems to have His own plans. I’m just tired of being a pawn in them.
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It's complicated for one reason. Who can give me a clear answer on why God didn't keep me from being abused. Not BS answer but a real solid answer.
It's complicated for one reason. Who can give me a clear answer on why God didn't keep me from being abused. Not BS answer but a real solid answer.
Well, this is a fallen and broken world. Evil exists. God gives us free will - because of that, people often choose evil. When evil happens, others become victims. God does not want puppets.

However, God sees your pain, feels your pain, mourns with you through the pain. He wants to see you healed from this and wants to guide you on your Healing Journey. Just seek him out. He is there, waiting for you.

If you are angry with God, TELL HIM!! Yell at him!! He can take it. No, he won't strike you down. That is part of dealing with the pain, letting it out.
Well, this is a fallen and broken world. Evil exists. God gives us free will - because of that, people often choose evil. When evil happens, others become victims. God does not want puppets.

However, God sees your pain, feels your pain, mourns with you through the pain. He wants to see you healed from this and wants to guide you on your Healing Journey. Just seek him out. He is there, waiting for you.

If you are angry with God, TELL HIM!! Yell at him!! He can take it. No, he won't strike you down. That is part of dealing with the pain, letting it out.
I haven't been angry with God for many years. I don't believe evil exists I believe evil is created and if it is created and nothing is more powerful than God then it can be destroyed so my question why didn't he destroy the evil in those perps hearts.