Webinar: From Dissociation & Flight/Fight to Safe & Social : Polyvagal Theory for Sexual Abuse Survivors


Here's a link to MaleSurvivors' YouTube channel. All of the videos they produce will appear at this site. This particular webinar will appear there but there are many fine videos. At the top you see a link to Videos and all the videos available have titles that link to the videos. You can "bookmark" the link below and access it any time you wish... or you can come back to this thread, which you found... and use the link below.

Thank You for the link. I have subscribed.


I finally found time to review the webinar. Just wanted to say thanks for hosting and posting it. Very interesting discussion and overview of the topic.


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Related to polyvagal theory, there is a free week-long series happening now, called Mind, Body and the Vagus Nerve Connection that is wider in scope in topics but I think it is worth a look. Its astounding to me how deeply the nervous system handles stressors, not just the emotional stressors of living with trauma, but the other stressors I often overlook like biological, environmental, and more. This series is in day two today, I've listened to six sessions. Free signup. Here is the link: Mind, Body and the Vagus Nerve Connection Schedule


I found a woman on YouTube who is a physical therapist (PHD) and a psychotherapist who has super simple exercises for working with your vagus nerve. Like no more than a minute per exercise.

Check it out:

Vagus Reset

Breath Reset

Slowing Blinking

Facial Awareness and Vagus