We can be heroes


We Can Be Heroes

Nobody knows what we know.
Survived the battles we've been through.
Walked in the minefields of depravity.
The wrong steps we've taken.
Yet we have made it here.
And we can be heroes.

Heroes aren't the ones who don't feel fear.
Heroes feel the fear and do it anyway.
Heroes hide the scars and don't stop
When the road gets too long and hard.

Heroes are the ones who need to rest.
Heroes walk on and bear the burden
Of other people's actions, yet help
When someone else can't walk.

We can be heroes.
We can walk on.
We can keep going.
We can be strong.

We are the heroes
The world never sees.
We are the strong hearts
That everyone needs.

We are the heroes.

I need to remember this everyday.

Scot :D