Washington Post: A teen was accused of abuse inside Vatican City. Powerful church figures helped him become a priest.

Reading the article the thing that strikes me is the Catholic Church is really no different from most institutions and most families in not wanting to honestly address the pain within the system. Of course, one would expect a church to do better but that is really an illusion perpetuated by churches to suggest the sacred resides there. But we find humans in surplices who are little different than humans in jeans and tee shirts. They don't want to tell the truth about what happens behind closed doors. Yes, it is nice an effort is being made to deal with this ONE former altar boy, now priest... but that really changes nothing. And this came about only because one young man refused to let it go and finally brought the matter to the press. Perhaps shaming perpetrators by shaming those who protect them is the only way this will change. But I have no idea how we shame the mothers and fathers who are perpetrators themselves OR who refuse to believe anything bad could POSSIBLY happen to one of their children.


Good luck to anyone who believes the Catholic Church will police itself.

I'd suggest making friends with a few priests and see what they have to say once they know and trust you. You will be amazed.