Was my reaction normal ?


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For me it started when I was about ten years old. I remember sitting in the bathtub and my mother coming into the bathroom, undressing and finally standing completely naked in front of me. And this she continued to do many times.
Today I feel this was very inappropriate of her. I feel bad now about how I reacted at the time this happened.
At this age I was, like most boys I guess, very curious about the female body and I remember curiosly looking at her.
I thought this was excitng then, but today I wish I would have told her to wait outside until I was done.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?
Is it normal and common for boys to react this way ?
I thought this was excitng then, but today I wish I would have told her to wait outside until I was done.
She was a grown woman. She should not have done what she did. My wife is very adamant about my son not just walking into our room any time he pleases, for the very reason of him not walking in on her while she's changing.

It was not your responsibility to tell her to wait outside. She knew better.

Curiosity is normal, but what she did was not. The shame is hers, not yours. Do your best to place the bad feelings where they belong, squarely with her.

What your mother did to you was not fair, and it reminds me of what my mother did to me. Your reaction is normal. Seeing how wrong it was in your case helps me realize how wrong it was in mine.

Thanks for posting.


Hi Simon.

The feelings that you felt, were absolutely normal. The "animal" responses in us, can sometimes be at odds with what we know to be morally right. The excitement, much like the occurence as a whole, was totally out of your control. You did not ask for it, n as JustScott pointed out, it is on your mother's head for actively doing this.

I trust you will find peace in this battle. THis journey. Take it easy on yourself. It was never your fault.


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hi Simon
it seems for us there is no right answer because we were placed in the situation we did not create.in my case the woman was a baby sitter and though she never undressed I as alone and naked and confused as she touched me. then others that followed were my age but the natural curiosity was gone so I ran away only to feel like something was wrong with me cause I didn't want to see. the fault is theirs not ours,we cant make sense of it cause it is all out of place it is their fault not ours


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Thank you very much for your support, all of you.
Like I said I have been feeling bad about this and sometimes thinking that maybe my behaviour wasnt normal.