Warning - we dont knoww where to put this

its 1:40 am and we neeed to put this down before it slipsa away from us

sent outt there to find C butt ehen we are aucght

layers sof cardboarrrd sufffed in our mouth so thick our jaws ache barely bel t to breatttttth through our teeeth

we glidde across witnessing the butcherin gof our brothers before our eyes in an endlesssss tableu screaming and sobbbbing hrout the cardboard layere

an endlesssss fleigeht on

slowly awaekeen in th ehe darkness butt the image persists we find the hand of our wife beside us and sqeeeeze it hard as we silentty cry at her back leeeeeeeevingea tears on her of t wawarm sskin. unable to seleeeep unable to move. its 2 am aaagain


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You let it out here. An appropriate place. An appropriate post. Let it out.
This is so brave my friend. Thank you for trusting all of us with your words. I trust you, the person posting right now, will take care of those who can't be here, for whatever reason.