Want to star an organization for gay male survivors


Hi everyone,

My name is Chris and I am a gay male survivor. I am interested in starting a national group for gay men who are survivors. I know many gay men who are survivors but do not discuss it. I want a group that will help us heal from our hurts and discuss sexual violence against gay boys and men.

If you are interested, please contact me at
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I want us to be whole, healthy humans and I know we can support each other.

Much love, Chris


I think it is a great idea that you want to start an organization for gay survivors - there are some guys here that have experience with local support groups and several that have even started their own.

What sort of things would you, or others, want in terms of services offered by such an organization?



That sounds like a good idea. You could probably get a lot of good start-up ideas and publicity from established sites offering help to gay men and boys in other areas, and the admin team here could give you piles of advice on starting and administering a site for survivors.

I think one issue that would come up almost immediately is continuity. Your site would need some kind of institutional framework behind it, like we have here, to provide a sense of structure. Otherwise the site would quickly tend to reflect the specific thinking and ideas of the individuals running it, and when those guys get tired (no one can last indefinitely) and need to withdraw, then what? Unless there is a real structure to the project it would collapse once the energy of the founders is exhausted.

So a lot of work ahead, but it sounds good and I hope the gay guys here will support the idea.

Much love,


You can get a forum just like this one, from UBB forums.
It will cost you, but the support is fantastic, and some of the guys will even set it up for you.



Thanks everyone for your great advice. In terms of what type of organization, I am thining that it needs to be one that really brings visibility to this topic. I do not necessarily want to start support groups or write books but really connect gay men to resources that already exist. Most importantly, I think the group should help the gay male community udenrstand and appreciate that this is a issue in our community.

So, in answer to Tad's question, I would like to organization to bring together all the books, support groups, therapists etc. on gay male survivors.


Instead of starting from scratch, perhaps you could add your insight and energy to the good work of this organization!

Know what I mean?




I do but the organization I am thinking about would really bring visibility to the issue. I would certainly highlight the work of this group, as well as others. But my group is really meant to bring this issue "out of the closet" to the gay male community.

Thanks, Chris


I would like to add both my support for your idea as well as encourage you to talk to me or others in this organization about expanding our focus on gay survivor issues.

While I certainly have no problem with encouraging the development of other organizations that assist survivors in any way, my hope is that this organization will
always be a leader in male survivor issues.

We have a number of leaders and very active members that are gay. We certainly welcome any feedback or ideas that will help this organization meet the needs of any male survivor.

Please let us know what you would like to see us adding or changing or doing better.

thanks and all my best,
brent turpin



Honestly, this organization is wonderful. I have always felt supported here. I simply want to create an entity that breaks the silence in the gay male community and is visible and shows people the way to groups like yours.

I really think the purpose of the group I envision would be more about visibility.

Thanks for your concern and support, Chris


I would be interested, I can't seem to get anywhere on site. I can't even post, what I need help with.
I want a group that will help us heal from our hurts and discuss sexual violence against gay boys and men.
Hi Chris

Thanks for this. I would be interested in a site to able to discuss sexual violence against boys and men. It may make it easier f to come out for me to get through what went on in my young life, There is a lot of hurt there that needs help to come into the daylight.

I really think the purpose of the group I envision would be more about visibility.

My life has always been split some was in the light of day, most was in the dark of night spent looking for men to abuse me.

I would like to be able to talk freely. Maybe MS could put a private side for Gay members in the members only section.

I don't Identify as gay anymore as sexual trauma has me so confused, I am celibate and have been for many years, not able to be intimate without panic attacks.

I am to afraid of being judge for my sexual activity and all the other things that have gone on.

I also live where I can not be out or even talk about it.
Thanks I think this would be a good thing for many of us

Take good care