Vili Fualaau 'Sees Things Clearly'

Jacob S

Vili Fualaau's rapist died and that is all over the news but I want to share what I learned about Vili, not about her.

"He's starting to get some perspective," a source close to Fualaau tells PEOPLE. "He sees things clearly now, and realizes that this wasn't a healthy relationship from the start."

"After the split, he started really going over things in his mind," the insider tells PEOPLE. "Just thinking about how they met, and how that affected how they interacted as adults. He was never really a full-fledged partner; he was always secondary. He sees that now."
"It shouldn't surprise anyone," the insider continues, "but he's feeling that for the first time, he's being like a real grown adult. That feels good for him."

May he continue to heal.

Do you think that he was groomed like so many victims? Because I do and I think that a crush on a teacher clouded his mind and made be groomed so much easier to the point he believed it was love he was both feeling and receiving. My other question is how exactly do his daughters feel about being the result of child rape and a really controversial and messed up relationship? I mean they may seem normal and happy but it can’t be easy for them to be the daughters of such a notorious woman and a man that was barely 15 when they were both born.
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May she rot in hell. Thanks to the sensationalist news media that painted this as a "relationship" and not rape, she set our movement back decades.

I hope Mr. Fualaau continues to gain clarity and healing as well.
I also hope that the cancer was extremely painful for her. She effectively ruined two families and brainwashed a kid not even old enough to drive a car into thinking that it was love. That is super disturbing and I thought it was extremely weird when I heard about this as a kid because Vili is only two years older than me and this woman was literally old enough to be our mom. Having a teenage crush on your teacher is one thing but to have kids with said teacher is just icky. Their daughters must have been secretly miserable growing up because of how they were conceived. She clearly took advantage over him and groomed him. If a male teacher did this to a girl, he’d be instantly vilified by society yet this lady was portrayed as some tragic lover which is just wrong. Rape is rape and it is a clear cut case of sexual abuse. I don’t understand what kind of judge would overturn the court order to never have any type of contact with him again? He couldn’t even get a paying job that could even pay child support a tiny bit until his daughters were about five!