VA Therapy


When I started going to the VA 6 years ago. I talked to this nice female Dr about my family life, but not about my sexual assault. One day I went in to my appointment with her and found she was transferred, to a VA Hospital in ATL. I didn't realize the Dr I was transferred to was a pediatric therapist and pharmacist. I knew he was not a good at therapy, but it was the same office I had been going to. So yesterday I finally asked about talking more about my MST. I had said somethings to him in the past, but not in detail. He begins to tell me he was only there to manage meds for mental health patients and I would need to make an appointment with an actual therapist. He said they maybe able to see me today, but he wasn't sure. I walk to the desk to make the appointment. The earlieast date I could get was October 21st. I left the office a pissed off. I went to the lab to have blood work done for my next appointment. While there I felt a panic attach coming. I went back to mental health to ask them if they can give me a call if someone cancels. I really wanted to talk to someone today. They asked to give them a few minutes, so I did. The next thing they tell me is if the nurse from the clinic takes me I can be seen today. I did end up talking to someone. When we finished she told me she would get me on a schedule to see someone about the MST. I asked if I could get referred to someplace closer to home. She said the VA is moving to tablets for video chats other than going to outside therapist. Has anyone ever heard of this? Does it seem to help? If not what should I do?
I have not heard of that. The VA is referring me to an outside therapist for my MST. You might want to check with the patient advocate about this new program (I believe it is called the MISSION act) especially since you have a distance to travel.