Updated Forums and Chat???

This was in the bottom section of an email sent out by MaleSurvivor this morning:

Coming soon:
• An expanded Webinar of Recovery series
• Renewal of our international conference series

• Upgrades to our chat room and discussion forum services -- and more.

so the Discussion Forum and the Chat Room will be UPGRADED soon??


Hi, I am of course new here and I m still trying to figure how things work. That being said, I've no clue where to start. Some members have outreached and made me a little more at ease in the sense that I found the place that I can share my story without having to deal with the infamous Spock eyebrow but have no clue as to where else I should start and/or continue. This is quite difficult as I'm sure you are all agree, to begin talking about the thing(s) that have brought us all here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
start with an Introduction (in the Introductions Section) - add as much or as little detail as you feel comfortable. Start from there. then you can add more to your story in the "Male Survivor" Section. Eventually you can tell your entire story in the "Survivior Story" section (but keep in mind that no comments are allowed, so, unlike the other sections, you will not be getting any feedback.