Underwear (no triggers; self-care)

I love having a place to talk about things I would never talk about anywhere else - including underwear.

I wore tighty whities in the 1970's. I hope I don't offend anyone here when I say the 70's weren't exactly the peak of good fashion. So I was glad to ditch the tighty whities for boxer briefs as I got older. My weight fluctuates about 30 pounds. I have lost most of the weight again and am back down to the medium size boxer briefs. I was a Jockey Boxer Brief guy for a long time and recently switched to the very thin "light as air" "ice silk" (polyester) boxer briefs. I get the support without a lot of fabric.

I have ditched the tighty whities of my youth. Now if I could just get rid of the memory of the green shag carpet in my room and haircuts that my mom used to give me, I could finally put the 1970's behind me once and for all :)
Interestingly enough, I really like this thread. Some of you have mentioned how underwear has fit you and contributed to your CSA (I'm getting used to that acronym). As I mentioned, I just started wearing more briefs like 2xist and papi that are low rise and tighter than regular briefs. At first it really took getting used to and I wasn't sure about it--like the trade off for sexy for comfort. But now I like them for how they look and they are tighter. Now that I am going through the CSA process (I don't know what else to call it), they feel better and safer. I have a stack of "unable to wear" because the either are too revealing or don't fit or are just too crazy (I don't know what I was thinking when I bought them-go online shopping).

I also think about the kid inside me and he'd rather wear fun red, blue, pink and orange underwear. I remember other kids had Underoos and I wondered why I couldn't. And there is no brother or father around anymore to laugh at him or argue to not buy them. Or any family for that matter.

Also, I wasn't feeling totally safe because I wore a tighter than normal pair that I don't wear anymore so I ordered a pair from Blade and Blue (great clothes and masks) but when I got them they were more like regular underwear even though they were low rise. I wanted a pair of "safe" underwear just in case. Maybe I ordered a size too big. I'll wear them just in case because they are really soft and nice but I like what I have. A good places is freshpair.com as they have a lot of types. But there are tons of places to buy underwear on the Web even Macy's and Amazon sell good brands. Duluth Trading (guys mentioned them) sell really good ones too. It just depends what you like and what makes you feel good and safe.

I was having a hard enough time and it was nice to find these. As feelings surfaced, I threw out all my old underwear. It was too big and now after typing this and reading your alls posts I realize it's probably due to the relationship to my brother and dad (plus of just liking what fit and flat out liked).

I hate that white underwear--it's the same underwear Homer Simpson wears too. I will never wear it again. Apologies if you like it.

just me

I can relate to so much posted on this thread, I wore classic white briefs (Hanes or FOTL) my whole life until about two years ago, now I feel very different after changing into various 'nice' underwear!


When my daughter was in her early teens, I was folding up laundry. I noticed a bunch of lacy underwear in her size. I found her and asked her, "What's with all the lacy underwear? Who are you trying to look good for?"

"Daddy," she replied with an eye roll, "No one sees them! I wear them because they make me feel pretty!"

Fast forward to the present (she is in college now). As I have been struggling with my own self esteem, and learning to like myself, I remembered that conversation. So, I decided to splurge on myself on something other than food - I purchased several pairs of the new hi-tech underwear for men: Boxer Briefs with breathable Lycra-blend fabric, assorted colors and prints.

Sure enough, as I started wearing them, I did feel better about myself. I *did* feel more attractive! (fighting the labels I had grown up with : "Fat and Ugly")

Amazing what a little "self-care" can do to your self-esteem!

Wearing the right kind of underwear is so damn important! Always be ready to splurge on good support!