Underwear (no triggers; self-care)

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lol - I never knew there was a National Day dedicated to underwear

Underwear has been a huge thing to me since I was in my early teens - as a child I wore my brothers hand me down tighty-whitey's - as soon as I started making my own money by delivering papers one of the 1st things I did was to start buying my own underwear - over the years I've worn just about everything made for men - comfort is a great thing - technology in mens underwear has came a long way over the years - saggy old tighty-whiteys are certainly not the only choice nowadays...
Never spoke to anyone about underwear before! But this is a good place to...I feel comfortable speaking to you all here. Thanks for the post! I began to wear them during my 50's(other than a youngster). It's been a real hit and miss. Beginning with the standard tighty whities...underwear is underwear...right...NOT! Looked up men's underwear on the internet a few years ago...some pretty strange contraptions out there. Going to try the x temp's....boxer's? I'll see.

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Jockey no longer sells men’s seamless. They have a new style that replaced them. I really like them. ( side note, I haven’t worn women’s underwear in over a year)
On another thread they mention underwear as giving a sense of security. A layer of protection against predators. I think there is some truth to that, too.


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For many reasons, underwear is often more than just a another article of clothing. It carries so much symbology tied to sex, intimacy, power, and protection. For those of us here, the symbology can be magnified to the point where it is unmistakable, unavoidable, and even uncomfortable.

One thing I worried about after leaving camp that summer was explaining to my parents why I started out with seven pairs of underwear, but came home with only six. I could never admit why I had to throw them away. It didn’t make much sense, but I was thirteen, and something awful had just happened.

Enough of the negative. I didn’t put much thought into underwear for a long time other than “tighty whities for sports“ and baggy boxers for school and work.

Going back to the OP...a well-made pair of undies in modern fabric won‘t work miracles, but they can put a spring in your step even if you’re the only one who can tell.

I used to layer up as a kid - two shirts, two underwear, and sweatpants under my jeans (so uncomfortabl). I stopped that once a school counselor inquired about my reasons, asking if someone had touched me inappropriately, which I denied. Changed how I dressed from then on...

This thread has been helpful in perspective! Today, boxer briefs are what make me feel less uncovered, and when I sleep it’s layers still, but it is what makes me feel secure. I would however like to find better pajamas that are more comfortable and not so hot!


When I was a kid a lot of the time my mother forced me to wear girls' panties, until I was about to start high school. My neighbor, who was a few years older than me ("big brother" figure), bought me boxers at that time (1999). I know boxer briefs are more popular now, but I always still prefer the baggy boxers. I don't know why, but they make me feel more manly.