(TW: mentions of sexual abuse) Is anyone else worried about the rise of misandric content?


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Hello everyone!

As someone who likes anime and occasionally watches ecchi films, I am worried about misandric tropes there. More often than I thought I have encountered works when stalking, sexual harassment or rape of a man is depicted as no big deal. Sometimes it was even justified in-universe, like in one anime, a succubus raped a young boy to gain magical power and return to her world (which was shown as a nice cute moment, not as sexual assault). And I'm not even mention fanfiction, some fanfic writers write creepy/rapey/misandric fics about good works, and the fanfic site moderators don't care, even if the work is reported.
It's pretty much everywhere. Rape and harassment is something lazy, crappy writers use. Since they can no longer write about rape and harassment of women, instead of just not writing about rape or harassment, they use men as their targets.
misandric tropes
I had to look up what this was but I guess it's also called "anime" from what I found out. It is really very disturbing I imagine for the guys here mainly because it depicts using drawings of young children in sexual acts with adults and other minors. This is the kind of stuff we all suffered from in one way or another. I was very surprised that there is no hold back in showing children's genitals and all types of sexual activities much of it rape. If this was an actual photo of a child being raped by an adult the photo would be taken down and reported to the police. So how is this any different? I guess there is a clean world of "anime" but what I found and struck me very badly was the "animes" of children being abused by adults. And there was a ton of it. Not that it was a few pics that got through the checks. I found it's more sexually based and concentrates on sexual activities with children, basically rape.

It seems Japanese in nature. What are the laws in Japan that allow this kind of "art". If it's possible to call it art. If there is a good side to "anime" then that's fine but cut out the child abuse side. All it does is trigger people. I'm a little nervous about checking out "ecchi films".