Trouble Changing My Avatar


Am having a lot of trouble changing my avatar. I have some photos saved on my computer but they don't seem to take when I press "Choose file" and then hit the "Okay" button to change the avatar. A few pics will take but they are not the ones I want. I had to delete everything for now. Is there a size limit for photos or pics?

I also tried deleting browsing history a few times (Chrome) but that does not seem to help either.


Staff member
That could mean they need to be down sized. There was, and maybe still is a requirement the avatar size be under a certain size. I'm sorry I don't know that exactly. To venture a guess, it may be 800x800? It could be less.

Do you have a photo/picture editor on your computer? There was one on mine, though this is a 2019 model. It was very cheap, so nothing fancy. I lost a lot of resolution to get the avatar I'm currently using. But, that picture is very important to me.

I hope this helps, or at least begins to help?


Yes, thank you. I was wondering about the size requirement, if we still have one on the new platform. If I remember correctly the size requirement on the other platform was no bigger than 500x500, which is very small. However on this platform it says use a picture at least 400x400. So if there is a maximum on this platform, I'm not sure what it is.

As far as a photo editor goes, I tried two different editors when I was working with the pictures and neither of them gave me the option to downsize the photo. I'm going to try again though - maybe I need to look at a tutorial online. I'm not all that well versed in the computer editing of photos :cool: