(TRIGGERS!!!!) Barbra Streisand interview with The Times

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So misinformed and out of touch. She justified his sexual needs as if it is ok because they were his needs. She minimized the trauma and pain of every victim. Do people actually think when it happens to male is somehow isn't as bad as to a female?

Barbra just gave an interview with The Times in the U.K. where she simultaneously said she believes Michael's alleged victims but doesn't think their allegations are as serious as the documentary makes them out to be.

"His sexual needs were his sexual needs, coming from whatever childhood he has or whatever DNA he has," she said, referring to Michael.

"You can say 'molested', but those children, as you heard say [the grown-up Robson and Safechuck], they were thrilled to be there. They both married and they both have children, so it didn’t kill them."
Never was a fan but her liberal stupidity has never been more sharply displayed! WTF???? Aiding, abetting and condoning one of the sickest perverts of our time because he had NEEDS????!??????
She is part of the hollywood crowd, just another day in the bubble they live in. So much for "me too", I guess virtue signaling is too beneath her, or the whole "me too" thing was just a farce to begin with. I'm curious to see if they will circle the wagons around her or throw her under the bus. Of course, she'd be singing a different tune if his victims were little girls instead. What an azz!



With all due respect, I don't see what a person's political beliefs have anything to do with being wrong or stupid. I have known some wonderful people of all kinds of political stripes and ideologies being wrong about particular topics.

I think she's wrong, of course, and her statements deserve to be criticized, but it doesn't mean it gives me the right to bash an entire group of people because of their political beliefs, liberal or conservative, Hollywood crowd or women or "me too-ers or whatever group I may dislike or disagree with"
It seems to me that it is common to have tunnel vision about an issue but being able to be right about others.

So, gentlemen, I would urge you to focus on her statements which I agree are ignorant and much deserving of criticism. Please let's not have politics complicate the discussion of a painful topic.

Just my opinion.

I appreciate your view. I for one recognize the hypocrisy of most politics. But she was outspoken on Me too. Critical of many of many conservatives as racist and mysoginistic. Then this? Perhaps we need to stop focusing only on one statement and see how ridiculous these people on both sides are that seek to exploit and protect the elites who share their own privileged protected status while stirring and fleecing the masses.


I try to take the kind view that a lot of people mean well but are f***ing clueless and ill-informed about topics like these. I'm not always succesful in being kind, but I try to focus on what they said or did, not on what who they are or what they believe.
Do people actually think when it happens to male is somehow isn't as bad as to a female?
Yes, they do. It's one reason why the hand we've been dealt can be so difficult. As men, we're not "supposed" to have been molested, raped, or abused. And we're supposed to just "get over it," somehow, because we're men.

People who think this way are either ignorant - if they just haven't thought about it before - or idiotic - if they've been exposed to similar situations but still think hypocritically in this way. Babs is a great example of an idiot.

It is the stench of her hypocrisy, not her politics that I noted, and that is the big part of the story.
Makes me wonder who in her own life she is trying to protect? [speculation] is James Brolin a pedophile she is trying to justify??


I would be interested in seeing how she responds to the criticism. There’s already an article in the liberal-leaning Huff post criticizing her and the backlash has begun. To me, it makes a big difference if she doubles down on her stance or whether she learns from it acknowledging she made a mistake and tries to make amends (and no, a simple apology won’t do).
We are all human and make mistakes, even stupid ones, out of ignorance, fear, whatever. It is how we act when we make a mistake that to me, reveals the true character of a person. I may believe a person may be wrong and be appalled at what they say, but I also believe in fairness, especially since many times I dont’ have the whole context, so I try to rely on how they behave no only before but after they make a mistake. So, if she doubles down and keeps harping about “me-too”, portraying men as evil, that’s very different than if she realizes she totally screwed up (which she did) and goes beyond a simple apology and tries, really tries to right her wrong and start doing things in support for male survivors.
Being inconsistent, having cognitive dissonance or acting out of pain is not the same (IMHO) to being hypocritical, which to me would require awareness of the inconsistency but defending it to advance whatever other motives they may have.
And, I think it would be safe to say that at some point in our lives, we all have been guilty of hypocrisy, I certainly have been and I’m willing to look at that.
So, if she keeps defending her statements or issues a weak “I’m sorry”, she will get my wrath as hot and fiery as a thousand suns. If she demonstrates by her actions that she is trying to learn and grow, she’ll gain my admiration. Right now all I know is that she made a stupid, ignorant statement, and the backlash seems to be starting. As they say in 12 step recovery, “More shall be revealed”

All of the above is simply my opinion as inadequate as it might be and it not meant ot be a criticism of anybody else here.
PRFL your opinion is as adequate as anyone else’s and probably more adequate than mine. I dislike her comments and “like” the men’s comments above. And I wonder too who she is justifying and protecting.
Never was a fan but her liberal stupidity has never been more sharply displayed! WTF???? Aiding, abetting and condoning one of the sickest perverts of our time because he had NEEDS????!??????
Please give me some consideration if any comments here having feelings about some label which describes ideology. Political divisiveness stresses me too painfully, and perhaps that makes me a target for others to ignore?

I beg for consideration, so that when I fully agree with you that what B. S. stated is Gaslighting hogwash, I won't see that on top of what she's done, I am then Gaslighted again here.

If I must explain, I'm unsure I want to. To explain, in my life, has shown me that I must fully expose myself, and prove justifications for being valid. I believe what I am posting with this post is explanation enough.
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This should be a political - free home except when it specifically relates to CSA. No Democrat bashing, no Republican bashing, etc.
I am astounded that my post takes this bent and ignores the basis of the Post and the words quoted. Is the “liberal” label more upsetting than her comments??? REALLY???? So sorry for offending your safe place while beautiful Barbara s attack on fellow victims goes uncommented upon.


I think using the "conservative" label would have been upsetting as well, at least for me. CSA and molestation occurs and is perpetrated across all of society so trying to apply a political slant, left or right, to this painful topic seems to me unnecessary and polarizing. I would much rather think along what unites us, which is trauma and emotional pain, and leave the politics for a political forum, left or right. Politics happens to be a very emotional issue for many, and I don't think it's a good idea to inject a divisive, emotional topic like this into an already emotionally charged atmosphere. I would think we want to focus on healing, not on airing political differences. That's a totally legitimate conversation better done at a different setting.
Again, just my opinion, for whatever it might be worth.


It's not surprising that Hollywood / music people like Diana Ross, Kanye West, Missy Elliot, Alicia Keys
and others will be out there defending Michael Jackson. People like that are part of the problem, because
they excused his bizarre behavior, were willing to cover up his crimes, and now they want to minimize or deny
any damage he might have caused. They only see what they want to see about him, and anyone who challenges
their idealized view will be considered a threat. People like that are cowards because they refuse to see or acknowledge
truth, and in the process they allow evil to continue unabated.
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