TRIGGER WARNING Hundreds file CSA charges because of N.Y.'s Child Victims Act


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Brothers, be careful, this is about facing a perp. Please use self care. TRIGGERS in those links might be hard to deal with?

USA Today's article about the Child Victims Act , recently in NY the CVA has given CSA survivors, who've often waited decades to deal with the trauma, have been given a one year window to file a civil case. There are now dedicated judges in NY toward the task.

This report is from 8/14/19: excerpt-> "A one-year window for filing old civil claims for child sexual abuse opened at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday"

There's a list of Boy Scouts cases, compiled by the L.A. Times back in Oct. 2012, but, many more names have been recently added up to 2016; and whatever other Freedom of Information lists are available from Catholic Diocese, Churches, Schools, Hospitals, etc... there may be names with previous reports listed in those documents. I have a link to the BSA list that the LA Times posted back in 2012. I'm not sure which to offer, so I'm giving 2 links. One from SCRIBD, where you can either scroll the 138 pages at that link below, or downlowd it. To download I had to sign up to have full access to the list, or the other, which is a more generic link. I explored the list with SCRIBD, and it works fine for me. IF you use SCRIBD, uncheck the box that seeks permission to email you offers.

BSA list on SCRIBD I saved my copy of this file to my Google Drive. It's free and has quite a bit of available storage.

Here's an article I read which is why I've been motivated to share all this. Washington Post BSA lawsuits

Here's a free article link with other links about the list and lawsuits that are going on all over the nation because of recent additional names being revealed.
Nearly 800 Former Boy Scouts filing civil suits