Trigger for religious beliefs I just wrote a letter to my abusers


LetterTo my abusers
Dear abuser I would want you to know that I am writing this letter to let you know I have chosen to forgive you for what you did to me so many years ago I am well aware that I have every worldly right to hate you and never forgive you but I wanna extend the offer I received when I accepted Jesus Christ As My Lord and Savior he has been healing me since 2014 and I am very blessed that I can now attend church at a location you used to bring trauma in my life it is only because Jesus Christ Saw Fit to not just save me but also saw fit to start healing the damage that you caused I am sure that if you repent of your sins and Asked Jesus Christ to be your lord and savior and take full responsibility for what you did then Jesus Will start healing you of your traumas he would have healed the deep trauma you experienced and would be with you when you take full responsibility for the damage you inflicted on me and so many others
Jesus has been healing me and he will heal all of your victims if they leave the trauma you caused in The Hands Of Jesus at The Foot Of The Cross
While what you did has caused damage it is not beyond The power of JesusTo Heal and I harbor no ill feelings or intent towards you or anyone who harms people the way you did me and in fact I am able to forgive you because Jesus Christ Took My Place and Paid for my sins and therefore God Forgive me of my sins and I wanna encourage you to search your sole and read the Bible and pray asking Jesus To Take YourSins and save You which I have full faith that he will do so he has done so For me and granted me the ability to forgive those who have harmed me
I know nothing is beyond God And Nothing Catches Him By surprise and your actions against me he will use to help countless others heal

I do not deserve a nano ounce of credit for how I am healing I wanna close with a poem I wrote

My story
I suffered great loss till I turned to the cross
I asked Jesus in he made a end to my sin
When I gave Christ My Heart He gave me a fresh start
They say i should hate but that’s satans bait
I choose to forgive because I want to live
Free from my past since Christ’s Love outlasts in Christ I hope
At the end of my rope, he helps me cope
His love so vast I can outlast

I hope and pray that you will read this and confess your sins and repent and Accept Jesus Christ As Your Lord And Savior and take responsibility for your actions