Healing light

It was my favourite place to be
That tree
It was amazing how far you could see
Right up to the top of the lane
I wondered what you'd see from a plane

There id watch the world go by
Wish I could be a bird and fly
Sometimes the clouds would turn grey
It would start to rain but there id stay
Up there out of everyone's way

Sometimes I'd hold the tree real tight
Wish I could stay there all night
One day I asks my auntie
Could i go live in a tree
But who would live next door she replys
And looks at me and sighs
Why don't you play with the other boys
Look and see I got these toys
Here you can have this
Go play you don't know what u might miss
I look at the gun placed in my hand
Shoed out into no man's land
But I had this whole other fight
Fighting back tears with all my might

Why did I want to live in a tree
All on my own without a family
Noone took the time to ask me
Nobody choose to open there eyes and see