To Wander in Darkness

I wrote this a few years ago. I had only started therapy back then and wasn't so positive yet. I am in a better place now. Needed to tell you this before you start reading. Because of course I am sometimes back at that place, but I know now how to get out again.

To Wander in Darkness

He paces round
bars in his cage
his mind a numb
clouded moon

He hopes a lion
growls deep in him
but when doors
open wide
he is a mouse
without a squeak

And the whip

He dreams of sun
a golden sky
while his skin
turns red
as drowning sun

His dignity
shreds like his husk
his anger burns
too deep to find

He falters round
bars in his cage

And freedom lives
in dreams alone
future a word
too far to hear
too vague to see


From inner lion to outer's amazing how certain situations "tame" us.
Wow. Thank you for sharing. I am so glad, happy, relieved that you are today free of that. I hope and pray the freedom within your mind is fully achieved, as you deserve only the best.