Three prisoners....


It is 1938 and you have three prisoners that escape from the Russian Gulag- a German, a French, and a Jewish Rabbi.
The Soviet kommodant is heartbroken after hearing their pleas of how terrible it was where they came from, so he decided to give them each a meal of their choosing before he puts them before the firing squad.
The German says "I vant a nice creamy saurbraten! Just like my motha used to make et!" So the Soviet chef fixes it, the German eats in delight and when he's done, they shoot him.
The Frenchman says"I think I'll have a Filet Mingon! So the chef fixes the Filet Mingon, the Frenchman eats it and is duly shot.
Now it's the Rabbi's turn. He tells the chef, "Eye tink I vant a ztrawberry zortcake!" The chef remarks, "What are you talking about? We don't have any strawberries! They're out of season!" To which the Rabbi replies....
"That is ok. I tink I can wait!"