Things boys discover

tony passey

Discovering that having a straight penis is normal was a shock to me. I thought they all looked like his. Never had a proper dad so I asked my mum , only time I’ve ever seen her wear an awkward face. Not recommending asking your mum about man stuff but even though she has been to hell and back as my abuser was her youngest brother , we still laugh about it on occasion. Keeps everything real I suppose. Rise above it all. Acceptance is most the battle won. Love and friendship should top it off.
I think she’s only laughing because I am. I admire her fortitude for laughing with me , whilst inside she’s dying inside.
My mum is ACE


Made me darn near tear up at this theory of yours OP.
Did not read them all so may be repeats... I just could use some normalcy;

~Jumping into leaves makes any vertical fall possible (granted you have enough leaves)
~The iceball carries velocity much better than the snowball
~Car rides go by really fast when you put your head down, give up asking if 'we're there yet', and nap
~Juice boxes hold less than a cup of juice
~Cheese sticks will break just bellow the plastic line if you rip into them zealously
~Forts can be built in a day but will always be put back in a minute (oof ran into clear metaphor)


Boys discover that it's not okay to be naked when his parents friends are over.
Boys will discover that swimming in a pond get covered in leeches, by the way myself as well.
Boys will discover that peeing on the campfire may be funny but smells really bad.
Boys will discover not to let their uncle convince them to pee on an electric wire, because it gives them a good jolt but to me is very funny.
Some boys will discover being good to others is a good thing.
Boys will also discover that when camping during the winter it's a good thing to have on more than just your underwear.
And of course those will discover how to make a fire.
Boys will discover that they are not like their best friend or other boys when he sees them naked.
Like one of the other replies, boys discover that farting can be hilarious.
Most of this is from my own boyhood but also from raising boys. There is a lot more that I could write about what boys discover.
One of the funniest I guess, things that I discovered as a boy is when I started getting erections and I was convinced I had a bone in my penis.
And lastly some of the best things that I discovered as a boy and later in life my nephews discovered was the great outdoors. Climbing trees, hunting snakes and best of all, living in the country the freedom to go skinny dipping.