Things boys discover


937. My mother would always fix a fancy table spread for Christmas and Thanksgiving and when company would come over. I would always fart. She would use her fancy lace table cloth to set the table. I would always spill gravy on it no matter how hard I tried not to.



938. GROSSLY misjudging the depth of a mud puddle seconds before riding a motorcycle through it at full speed. (Still laughing all these years later, and I can still taste the mud!)



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939.My mom's new clear, bubble-umbrella will not allow you to float off the back porch roof harmlessly to the ground like Mary Poppins.

940. Stupid plastic bubble umbrellas are not very durable!


941. It only takes five minutes to melt plastic cups in the oven while mum is on the phone.


Garter snakes make your hands smell really bad.

Asking your mother (while company is visiting) why she has a pack of (what you think are) disposable tooth brushes in her purse.
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943. Often, Santa brings you what someone thinks you should have instead of what you really want or need.

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944. A playing card In your bicycle spokes makes a cool sound, but the clothes pin you attached it with will catch in the spokes, lock up your tire, and get you tossed off your bike into the neighbor's rose bushes.

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945 Jumping off homemade ramps with your bike is fun, and Evel Kneivel probably had no testicles.

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If you are running home full speed in the dark to avoid being late, make sure your mom hasn't moved her clothes line. And yes, as you are swept off your feet and staring at the night sky above you, remember that technically you are flying. So, you are a super hero. A dorky one but a super hero nonetheless.
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If you're quiet enough, little sisters will believe in teleportation for YEARS. :)
Shower curtain rods do not make adequate chin-up bars.


BB guns hurt quite a bit.

Adults can always tell when the hose has been turned on.

Sand on the curve at the bottom of the very steep road down to the beach makes it difficult to maintain traction when turning at high speeds on your bike.

Walking your bike back up the very steep road to the beach while bleeding is a lot less fun than the ride down. :p
Just because it is what you are used to growing up, doesn't mean it is "normal."