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I'm curious as to other how male survivors work through their issues in therapy.

I've worked with therapists who use insight-oriented methods, EMDR, CBT, DBT, Jungian, and so forth.

I've also been involved in ACA, a 12-step program for abused children and children of alcoholic parents.

By far, I have experienced the greatest successes with CBT/DBT.

Any thoughts about which therapy has worked best for you?

dark empathy

My first therapist did a combination of psychodynamic and person centered stuff, however after it was abundently clear psychodynamic did not sute me at all (I've read too much freud), we started with person centered counceling which worked well up to a point, however my parents were paying for my sessions with her which I wasn't comfortable with at all, so when I found my university had a counseling service I stopped with her and switched to them.

The first fellow I saw there was an existential counseler, which was an unmitigated desaster with him forcing me into flashbacks etc, however in Summer of 2008 he went off and I switched to a lady who did person centered. That was okay, and we got some stuff sorted, however we did run into some severer brick walls surrounding my self-isteme issues and physical reactions sinse I felt that pure and symple logic simply did not work, ---- yes I know it doesn't make sense to believe I am worthless, but I do.

After my T there went off for surgery in January, I had a long absense but then started with someone else in june, ----- a very streight forward lady who has recommended I try cbt to try and deal with my problem with physical reactions and my fears about s-x.

So I'm interested to see that you've stated cbt was useful to you.

Unfortunately, it'll depend again on the university being able to refer me, sinse while my parents are quite willing to pay for my therapy, I'm not happy with that at all.

I should be going back to see this lady at uni soon, and we'll see about arranging things. She's stated she'll keep me on with person centered stuff in the mean time sinse it certainly can't hurt, ----- but she believes cbt would be most useful to me.

dark empathy

Cbt is cognitive behaviour therapy, which as far as I understand it involves modifying a person's responses and behaviours to various emotional stimulae. How this practically works, I'm not yet certain, ----- hopefully I'll find out.
Or as we say in the non-Brit world, "behavior". There is some good discussion of what trauma-based cbt is if you google Esther Deblinger or cbt, you should find some more info.

dark empathy

Ah yes, well i'd forgotten that all of you American Barbarians don't know how to spell the jolly old queen's english properly what! , ---- -lol.

Seriously, after a quick google, I found a relatively good bit of streight forward info from the royal colidge of psychiatry. It's tone seemed a litle symple, but it got both the basic principles and mode of operation of Cbt across well enough.


Amusingly enough, Cbt also refers to some sort of certificate necessary to drive a motorbike in the Uk as well. Maybe we've all got it wrong and really we should all just form a huge biker gang to cope with things? lol!

Sorry, For once I'm not feeling down this morning so intend to enjoy it while it lasts.


michael banks said:
We can all ride Harley's and wear leather jackets.
Just have to come up with a club name.
How about Survivors on Bikes.

Well, maybe not. It would come out to be S.O.B.s :D


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Tom S.

I reside in the southeast region of the US.

Anything deemed therapeutic is controlled by a predominate female industry. Therapy for a male is non-existent.

Tom S. in Tn.