The song and the picture in my mind


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Listening to this song, I see a trim, brown-haired boy sitting in a window seat on an airliner. He rummages through a canvas messenger bag with a paratrooper emblem on it. His ears are covered with the headphones of a Sony Walkman as he peers through the window.

He looks like a typical thirteen year-old kid with a bowl cut/skater haircut with a mop of hair on top, but with buzzed back and sides. The boy must be going home from camp. He’s wearing shorts, ragged blue Nike running shoes, a gray summer camp t-shirt, and a red LL Bean windbreaker. He occasionally looks up and glances around the plane. When he does, I notice his eyes. They’re dark blue with splashes of brown, two Earth-like planets with turbulent seas pummeling the margins of its continents. There’s a battle going on there.

He seems confident, but there is something about him. Early in the flight he was very talkative, but I can tell he now wants to retreat into his thoughts. What could he be thinking? What music is going into his ears?

Here’s what I was listening to on the plane that day:



Oddly enough, I just discovered New Order....I was not into that style back in the 80's.
But in addition to some of their older stuff, I really like their 2015 album "Music Complete."