The reality that the powers that be have no clue about rape!


When trying to give a term to this kind of absurd delusion that Bevin has perpetrated, advocates for change use a term that fits. It's not to shame all men, nor diminish any man's pain. The fact that women rape and sexually abuse is part of the term as much as it fits to describe the reason rape culture is so pervasive. Fools like Bevin fit the worst kind of rape culture, he makes a fake claim that a 9 year old girl wasn't hurt badly enough, so he pardons her convicted rapist. Bevin shows what happens when the stupid lead. They're beyond stupid regarding victim's rights, what the definition of rape is, what it will mean to the victim about what he's done and more! Bevin has re-victimized the victim. She may have started survivor healing, and now this massive slap in the face, rejecting the conviction of her rapist, by an absurd excuse for a human, Matt Bevin.

My indignation roils with anger!

Mecury News report that the LOSER Matt Bevin pardoned a convicted rapist!

This Song fits my rage: