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Just a question, where do we register our WOR attendance under our profile? we went in 2017 and dont see how to do that? if this is the wrong place to ask please delete this or let us know.

Thank you
oh i did more then scratch my head lol, i broke down and joined pay pal to renew my membership , i kept trying the subscribe button but it kept sending me to pay pal i got fustrated (not hard for me on computers) and just went ahead and did it , very glad the site is here for everybody thanks go out to you all for your dedication and time. BB
I immediately took membership and have to say it is the best investment in myself that I've ever made... thousands of dollars in therapy, thousands of dollars in a graduate degree and thousands of dollars in acting out... but THIS is the place where healing is happening before our very eyes. How I wish I'd found this website twenty years ago. But I didn't.

I realize I'm contributing $10 a month to a local public radio station I seldom listen to. I could imagine contributing $10 a month to this website if there were a mechanism in place for that to happen. I expect, honestly, that I'll be a member of this fellowship for the rest of my life so making a modest investment so it stays in operation makes perfect sense. Thanks to EVERYONE who keeps this site operating.

C. E.

Staff member
Thank you, Visitor! We understand that not everyone can contribute and we work hard to be available for all survivors. But when registrants see the Member placard with the field of golden stars under an avatar, they will know who to thank for making this resource available to everyone. :)


I'm working on my will and have been asked for the EIN number, is it possible to send it to me via my email so it does not get publicly posted. Thank you.
It would be a lot easier if you just told us if we were members or not. Also. it took me an hour to get established as paypAL. fOR NO REASON i KNOW. bUT apparently if I am not wanted unless i do paypal instead of visa.
It would be a lot easier if you just told us if we were members or not. Also. it took me an hour to get established as paypAL. fOR NO REASON i KNOW. bUT apparently if I am not wanted unless i do paypal instead of visa.
there are several ways to donate beyond the official web method. talk to a mod or admin.
I made a donation today. In the comment section it says "tell us why you donated..." This is why:

I want to raise awareness of the fact that little boys are raped.

Both males and females can be victims of sexual violence.

Both males and females can be perpetrators of sexual violence

I testify to these truths on behalf of the little boy who was me.

I was raped by a “family man” when I was 5 years old. He threatened to kill my family if I ever told.

I was also used by my “mother” for her own sexual gratification from the time I was 4 until around age 8. She warned not to tell anyone about what she did or she’d be put in jail & then who’d take care of us?

There was no one to help me when I was a little boy. There was no one to tell. In addition, as a little boy, I wouldn’t even know what to tell them because I did not know what was being done to me was rape or sexual violence.

I believe that exposing the fact that this evil exists is the first step toward eradicating it.

Thank you.

C. E.

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Thank you, I'm Alive. I just elevated you to member status. Your donation is greatly appreciated, and your reasons are quite affecting. Thank you for sharing them.


I would love to donate but as I am living in a homeless shelter for veterans that is not feasible at the moment. We moved her "Mommy Dearest" in as she started showing signs of dementia. That was the beginning of a 3 yr spiral that has led to here and now! Both of us have PTSD arising from plain ol' child abuse. She was also molested by her step-dad. I was raped twice when I was 17, she only learned this truth about me this past Dec. after I attempted suicide, though she that I had been hurt deelpy in the past, besides having to bury my late wife. Reliving her childhood again, so to speak, lead my wife back to drugs trying to cope. I didn't help the situation by withdrawing when my attempts to help were rebuffed or simply exacerbated the problem. When she started lashing out at me I retreated further, both physically and emotionally! That was our 3 yr cycle!! Her drug use increased and she got meaner as I drew further away to the point of shutting down. She felt abandoned and I felt shoved away, we both felt hurt and even betrayed. I even feel like a victim of spousal abuse. I stand corrected, I am a victim of spousal abuse; she is the aggressor, though she can't really hurt me. That meth can really take a body over! We are working on our marriage, but mostly first, we need to start the healing of ourselves. Anyway, thank you to all who make this site possible. I have been looking for a support group since "coming out", to no avail.! You all are a godsend and have given much needed hope so far!! Again, Thank You MS
Hello Nathan, Thank you for the work you do. It's helping so many people. I really was losing it and was having a hard time finding a therapist a few months ago. I looked on line to see if I could find a support group in my area. I could NOT. I did find MALESURVIVOR. I had no idea there were so many of us. I knew there must be others. I'm sure I have a long way to go, however MS has sustained me until I could get into Therapy. I don't wish this on anyone but found so much comfort in others stories. Knowing that I'm not crazy and others have the same problems and behaviors I do make me feel normal for what we have been through. I joined because I believe in what this origination is doing. I did not like joining Pay-Pal to give my donation. IT seems from reading this there are other options. Does Pay-Pal take a fee? I would also send a check next year instead of using Pay-Pal. Are there other ways to raise funds for MS? Has anyone looked into Federal Grants? Has anyone looked into other organizations making donations? Has anyone asked Oprah or Ellen to donate? Maybe form a fund rising committee to support MS? Just some thoughts. Thank you for all your hard work, you are making a difference. Bob

Nathan LaChine

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Hello Bob,

Thank you for the great suggestions, if you or anyone has the time/ability to help see these through to the finish line please contact me directly. If you feel more comfortable sending in a check for your annual membership that is a option, again contact me an I help you with that process.

Thank you,