The more things change...


New Hampshire bishop accused of abusing teenage boy

If you build a society where people are rewarded and given leadership roles for their ability to suppress (outwardly at least) their sexuality, you've built a system that is incredibly attractive to pedophiles who are trying to find a place to fit in the world. It's so obvious it almost seems ridiculous to point it out.

I have several priest and former priest friends. I asked one once why the church would not remove the celibacy requirements for the priesthood. His answer surprised me. I expected he would tell me it is rooted in church doctrine, blah, blah, blah. What he believes is far simpler. You have an organization run by men who have (for the most part) denied themselves any expression of their sexuality for decades. To lift the ban would render their self-denial meaningless. After a life spent enduring that self-deprivation they are far too selfish to allow new priests to have a full life. Even if the result would make the priesthood far less attractive to rapists.