The Beginning of My Story

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This is not my whole story and there are no details. I am very anxious about writing my story so I am merely trying to break the ice and get something out…

From the ages of 8-10 I was molested by my aunt who was in her twenties at the time. She babysat me once a week during that time and we would spend the day “playing”

From the ages of 11-15 I was used by my older sister. It was this that that I consider to have the worst effects on me. I actually ended up being the one that initiated the “play” most of the time as I got older and I feel guilty because I enjoyed it so much. I still get aroused thinking about it, which doesn’t help the guilt.

All through my preteen and teen years I would frequently search out place to masturbate, including the woods in the park and various restrooms.

I am happily married now but I still occasionally seek out random men online for mutual maaturbation and oral. I cannot get enough.

…Ok. This is a start. I will write in more details later.
Not open for further replies.