Talking after 30 years *triggers*

Healing light

Myself and my co abused H , have discussed very little about the past abuse way too painful , we have journeyed seperately
Until today

There's some threads on here that's really helped me to this point
And I'm thankful
Tears have fallen but so has the silence

We're stronger United .

So glad we have both survived



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Yes. Yes you are stronger United! And pshaw, 30 years of silence is nothing I had more than a decade on you. The perps count on it.

Healing light

The perps sure do count on it

We both went to the police at that time they wanted us to not influence each others statements , filling in each others blanks would not help in court after court we was both poorly
I got banned from the unit he was in as staff and family agreed we was trauma bonded , seperating us was deemed best for both but it was counter productive for both
Then we've just flowed since painful to look back and both trying to look forward
But stuff needed talking about.