Take Back My Image

Hey Bob

Your comments were so very thoughtful, sweet and true. If only we were given another choice. It's true for so many of us that there was not even a "second" choice in what was going on with us. Our lives and souls did not belong to us anymore. As for me I understand very clearly the chain of events and how "things" happened. I understand the puzzle that was my entire childhood. Now I have to try and live with the things I did. So many times I wake up in the morning wishing I hadn't. It's hard sometimes.

Thanks for being so thoughtful :)

Peace, Rainbows, Love, Healing & Hope


Hey Bob,

That was an amazing post. I just felt so much wisdom, love, and compassion from you there and it really made me feel a hell of a lot better and motivated. Lately I have been feeling quite triggered and vulnerable- guilty even- about my abuse and how there is still so much out there which reminds me of it and that this stuff still goes on. I was feeling angry at myself for continually exposing myself to triggers. But this is me trying to work through the pain and the guilt. And your words about the guilt being a sign of our goodness did make me feel a little better. So thank you.


Thanks all for the input. Yeah we support each other because we understand each other. Different stories, shared hurts. Yet here we are, continuing on and not having let "it" keep us from that. How long does healing take? I have no idea. Four years in it now and I'm so much stronger then I was before. All I have to do is look behind briefly, and look at where I am now to see the progress. We win, they loose and I will never again be what they told me I was, just an object. I am a new person, and will keep going. Thank you all.