Survivor Event - CAPES - Frederick MD, April 16, 2020


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Fellow Survivors, I have been on a healing journey from my CSA for over 4 years now and over the last two have taken a active role in advocacy. I have learned change begins with empowerment, empowerment begins with awareness and knowledge....I have personally taken a grass roots effort to focus on community outreach at the local level. I have partnered with a local non-profit to develop an event specifically focused on Male Survivors. The goal is to not draw individual survivors to the public attention, but to act as a change agent that empowers them to seek the help they need when ready and provide the necessary community information to find it. Heartly House has been advocate in our area and supported my personal efforts to make an impact.

For anyone in the Frederick MD area around April 16, please consider attending. There is more info at
Please feel free to message me with any questions....Doug Tinder...
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