Surrendering the pain

I went to my Christian 12-step group last night. The main theme that was discussed was "Surrendering your pain." That concept blew my mind. What does that even look like when the pain from the abuses is most of your identity? It is how you protect yourself from a world of even more pain.

This week, a lot of the pain (memories/thoughts of the abuses) that I normally just shove down came up with a vengeance. I was easily triggered and the thoughts and the pain came flooding into my mind. Obviously it is not a healthy method. Perhaps there is truth there. Perhaps I need to Surrender the Pain - what does that look like. The concept is foreign, but has me intrigued. I am reading on the topic. Will discuss it with my 12-step sponsor tomorrow, as well.

Any thoughts??
Perhaps it could be illustrated by labor in childbirth. Painful labor is not the fault of women, but a result of the fall. After enduring (surrendering) the labor there is a new life in the world.

I had a therapist asked if I ever sat with my pain and grief to feel it. I just want to avoid it or lash out at others.

Jesus surrendered to the pain of the cross.

I'll have to think about what this means in a practical sense.