Support in London?

These have a good reputation and run groups. I didn't have much contact with them myself but they did help me find a therapist.


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Survivors Groups have now gone from being a fixed period over the summer (and chances are they've already started) to being any 12-week period according to the most recent entries on their website.

Basically my group closed a decade ago when the founders actually went to Survivors UK to work so ten years on I'm wondering if anyone who's been to a Survivors UK group has succeeded in keeping their group going after Survivors UK finishes up the sessions normally after three months and if so, if new people are invited to those groups. I'm talking about after 19th July if the UK government goes ahead and ends Covid-related lockdown as I don't like the idea of Zoom calling for therapy.

So anyone in a group that's maybe doing just phone support or Zoom calls over Pandemic time, if you're planning on restarting meetings as of 19th July then post in this thread, would be good to know if I have to basically try to start something myself or plan a trip up to Manchester depending on how busy they are in the Midlands.


I came acorss this support group when a friend mentioned it to me, he highly recommends it's called, I haven't been to a meeting yet only really checked out the Facebook group, they aren't specifically for this topic but a wide range of Men who just need other Men to talk to. I plan to be forcing myself to find a group and attend in person. I think I'm starting to get comfortable talking about what happened don't know if I'm at the in-person stage of being able to face people when saying it but I want to push myself to go... so my comment for two reasons, 1 to suggest and 2 to find other groups people recommend that I might be able to attend