Support groups in Kentucky

Here's information I got from the ASCA website. They have one listing in Kentucky. In my experience, the fact there is a listing does not mean the group is currently meeting. If this location works for you, you'll want to contact them to find out. ASCA meetings have both men and women. They are also highly structured, doubtless to offer safety to participants. I've attended two meetings and may return at some point. The shares were pretty deep. Good luck finding support. It is possible that a therapist participating in Weekends of Recovery is in your area. You might want to check that through

Location: 428 Center Street, Bowling Green, Kentucky
Days see Details
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Adult Survivors of Child Abuse meetings will be starting up in a few months.

Where: Wellness Connection
428 Center Street
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101

When: Meetings will commence at 6:30pm CST Thursday July 14, 2016.
Meetings will be held every 2nd and 4th Thursday each month
starting at 6:30 Central Time thereafter.

For more information call the Wellness Connection 270 796 2600
Thanks for the info @Visitor ! I'll look into it Bowling Green is just 2 1/2 hrs from me so it might be worth it. I'll check and see if they are still up and running. Thanks again
I am in Kentucky and would like to start a peer group here
That would be amazing. I have no idea how to get one started, but I think it would be really nice to be able to talk in person to fellow male survivors.

Do you have an idea in mind? I wonder if a Zoom meeting could be set up.


Remember friends... if you go with Zoom the meeting will be available to ANYONE, ANYWHERE. I say that not to frighten you but to suggest you be careful in how you set up the meeting so it won't be invaded by perpetrators. I started an OA meeting with a focus on Childhood Trauma and Its Impact and our first Zoom meeting was Zoom bombed. It was very traumatizing for the women, though truth be told, no one is going to upset me by showing porn videos on the screen. That's been one of my favorite pastimes. We eventually learned that turning OFF the screen sharing option makes a meeting much safer. It is also good to have a Host who knows how to remove people from the meeting. Another possibility is muting people when they enter AND/OR having a waiting room with the Host clearing participants before they enter.

Our last OA Childhood Trauma meeting hosted in California had a participant from Philadelphia and one from India. If you start a Zoom meeting, my guess is a great many men from this fellowship will want to attend. I would definitely be interested... of course, you may wish to limit it geographically with the intention of creating a face-to-face meeting when this pandemic winds down. It is your call.
Thank you @Visitor It is a lot to consider and you mention a lot of good points. I really hope for a time when we can put together an in-person meeting in the area.
I just checked your posts on MS sthoeck and they are all about this proposed group. Personally, I'd feel more comfortable considering joining such a group if I knew more about you beyond the information you post on your About page. I wonder if you'd be willing to post in the Introductions forum with a bit of background about what brings you here. Safety has much to do with knowing the folks we allow to get close to us. You haven't been here a week and have only posted on this thread. Any thoughts on the matter?


Does anyone know about CSA support groups in Kentucky? I have looked but so far the closest one is in TN.
I am wanting to get one started in Louisville and may have use of a location only problem is that it is a sight of trauma in my life as it was a drug store then and now it’s a church so I don’t know if anyone would come because of it being a church and the only reason I may have use is the church that meets their is letting the church I attend meet in their space plus it’s about 500 yards from a major SoT in my life and many others