Support Group in LA Metro Area?


Is there one?

If not, not only could I use one, I was in social work for many years. Even today, I gravitated most often toward forums where a person was asking something and directing them to some sort of resources could help (where this is your entire job is Resource Coordinator, but the guy at the front desk of a drop-in centre or shelter is absolutely everything others at the shelter are hired and paid better for all at once as the situation demands), probably because my first abuser was my mother who put me in "replacement boyfriend" mode, so I actually don't know how to not be Mr Fix-It.

But I would, since I still have the "modes" from my career in social work available to me, be able to run a group. Any shelter usually has multiple groups daily, save Sundays. So it'd be nothing new to me.

I know I just joined, but, hey, at least I have Newcomer Enthusiasm.

Main point is in bold typeface.


Hi cdl (sorry to lazy to type).
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I googled trauma groups in l.a county...
this is the link.
BIG HUGS , stay warm- I know what California winters can be like.


Thank you, but unfortunately in all that, there's only two men's groups and they're run in zillion-dollar private practises. I'm on an income that's fixed and logarithmically below the poverty level.

This has been getting some views. Is anyone else interested in a free peer support group by a former social worker who only lost his carreer because he cared about his clients/was a good person?
I founded a peer-to-peer support group in Marina Del Rey in 2005. It was shut down about five years ago, but I would be happy to offer some assistance should anyone form such a group in the area.


I am in the LA area, would be nice if there was a group. Be helpful to discuss in person versus always online chat. Wishing everyone peace.