Suicide Too Common


Over the past three and a half weeks I have lived an attempt and one that sadly went to the end. Three and a half weeks ago I received a call from a fellow survivor who told me to get to the hospital. There are four of us from our group who have an informal meet up. One member of the group had been struggling. We tried and sadly he tried. Fortunately he was rescued. We spent 2 and a half days with him. We waited for his family to arrive from NH and MA. Last night I heard of a cousin in Ireland and she lost her life, not to CSA but depression. Her cause I do not know. I would visit the family, she was one of 8 daughters, the only son died in childbirth. I was a welcomed male so many years ago. I visited them many times and I have the fondest memories. With the father he would take me on the tractor and to the pubs and the daughters treated me as those I was one of their own. So sad how life is lost. When I lived in Dublin she visited our home with two of her sisters. For her depression, cause unknown. I only know it was ongoing. She was the kindest person with a gleeful grin.

I think it reinforces we know so little about mental health from professionals. I think of us here and how we hear misguided and ignorant words and diagnosis of doctor and nurses who are too stupid to see how stupid they are to understand and stop mocking the pain of the suffering. CSA survivors suffer so much of this pain and ignorance and I realize all mental health issues do not receive the attention and proper treatment. I thought of myself and my attempt and those who rescued me--why because I feared the lies, denials and abuse of others who made the abuse be alive. Well I out survived their abuse and I can say they almost won. Sadly whatever my cousin's demon's were--emotional or biological my heart goes out to her and the family. Other families should realize their behaviors cause devastating consequences.

I say to all survivors, seek help because there is a better ending. I know sometimes the mind controls from past experiences or just brain chemistry. Let no one contribute to the pain of a survivor or anyone suffering from mental illness. I did and I tried to leave this world.

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Suicide is on an increase in our County and state. Just this week two teen boys hit a tree at a high rate of speed and were ejected. Tonight Sheriff issues an update with the boys names and announces it is being investigated as a suicide pact. So sad.


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It has been my experience. The future, is full if the things not associated to the experience of the past. But a lot of us associate the past that triers the faults of the present.

Healing starts with forgiveness, of self, others in the past and experiences. After forgiveness peace enters in to your life and the things that was, is now forgotten. The new people now in your new life, replaces the forgotten past with joy and happiness.