An excerpt of the book I am writing

Part of Chapter 1

of or concerning the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influences one's actions and feelings.

So many people are running around unaware that they are literally living out of their lower nature. The subpart of themselves. This is the sub-conscious, this means you are not consciously aware of the way you're living or even aware of the manner in which you are living.

Living within your sub-conscious will bleed outwardly and you will begin to live out the false narrative that your subconscious is feeding you. You have to become aware of this.

This is the avenue In which satan or what others call ego has the most influence over you. When you are living and operating out of the Spirit or what others call consciousness, this will always feed you reality and this is where Truth is upheld.

God has put in every person consciousness because God is consciousness which means Spirt. Every living thing has consciousness. Mosses asked God who should I say that he is and God's answer was, I am.

The I am is inside of us all. God is the "I" that is in all of us. Those that walk around as themselves live like it and experience everything out of this sub-conscious. What I mean when I say they are living life out as themselves, I mean they are living within the realm of the experiences they have gone through and what they have been taught to believe.

Every person longs to live outside of this and it is found by living out of the Spirit right inside of them instead of out of the experiences and beliefs that others have imprinted on them.

To be born again is to accept and embrace the higher nature of yourself. Christ died so that we could all live in this new nature. We are all given the gift of the Holy Spirit which is Christ Consciousness dwelling within us.

Every person has it but they have to acknowledge that it is there and choose to let go of living in the sub-conscious, the lower nature, living out of the flesh or the ego. We are so much more powerful than we know and part of this is because this worldly system is designed to keep us living in the sub-conscious.

We should be tapping into the Spirit within us. We are consumed with things that take our energy and attention away from the Higher nature and this prevents us from operating out of our higher nature, the God nature from within us, the still voice of Truth, the voice that is God.

Our focus should be on connecting to and living out of Truth. Instead, we connect ourselves to everything but. In order for you to stop living life out of your sub-conscious, you have to recognize what it is, hopefully this will help you come to understand what that is.

I still could be living out of the sub-conscious which use to be allowed to run wild and consistently show me who I wasn't but I am now born again and no longer have to be bound by this. But it is still a choice.

My sub-conscious was comprised of my experiences and beliefs others imprinted on me. I was molested from the age of 7 until almost 13 by 2 different guys, living in instability my whole childhood. I was manipulated into living life indulging in a devious nature. My mother was an alcoholic and addict and was used as a punching bag for most of her life. I lived in multiple homes growing up and all of these things were who I thought I was. More on that later.

The sub-conscious made sure that I was bound by the false truth that this was who I believe I was. It was not until I was born again and began to live out of the Christ Consciousness was I was able to live out of the Truth of who "I" am.

To be born again means to be reborn in one's Spirit. When this happened "I" was no longer a slave to the old nature or order of things. "I" am began to be the dictator of self, taking dominion over self. This is a process because self, ego, flesh does not want to go quietly into the night.....
Excerpt from untitled book ~Nathan Tice 11/18/2019
fascinating interpretation of how CSA (and all personal struggles for that matter) affects how we survive on a daily basis, but to thrive, one needs to go deeper.

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing this.