Tom E.

Even though I struggle with my faith I'll say it here: God please help me change and grow. I don't want my past abuse & problems to own me & run my life anymore.Please grant me the grace to be truly free & be myself, and thank you for everything I have & keeping me alive this long in spite of drugs & suicidal thoughts now & then. Thank you for the opportunities to help others. I pray too for help with my anger & depression. In Jesus' name, Amen
( I hope this doesn't offend anyone, it's not meant to)
@Tom E. I'm not offended you are sharing your heart, you are sharing your deepest desires for your life. It is touching and empowering to know others feel inside as I do and have the faith to be delivered from this hell we didn't create.


@Tom E, Amen to your prayer. I understand where you're coming from too. It's a challenge. A battle. But victory is ours in Christ. Read Romans 7-8.


It's a good prayer, Tom E. - a beautiful representation of your growth and healing along your journey.

My faith carried me all these years. It was one of the greatest sources of strength to persevere, but that has changed with the release of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report. Now I struggle with my faith - a faith that feels anemic and muddled. But your post, Tom E., and your faith give me a bit of renewed hope. Thank you.